Arghon RebeL API

Arghon AIE. Orchestrating the connected world.

Arghon AIE Rebel API lets you quickly create extraordinary Internet of Things (IoT) products by leveraging the power of Arghon's Artificial Intelligence Engine.

Don't just connect your products to the Internet, give them access to the connected world. Give them Arghon.

Arghon AIE

Arghon's powerful AI behind your navigation system.

Arghon AIE is not only capable of monitoring every aspect of your vehicle, it can schedule your next service call, get you to the nearest gas station, and automatically turn on home air conditioners in anticipation of a driver's home arrival.

Arghon Embedded Technology

Seamlessly weave control of all electronics into one unified system

Arghon AIE lets electronics manufacturers give their customers unprecedented control over their devices. Arghon AIE takes electronics to a whole new level by integrating them into the customers' AI connected world.

Whole Home Automation

Arghon RebeL API brings home the advantage of artificial intelligence

Integrating Arghon AIE with IoT switches creates the most versatile home automation system available today. Arghon does not just let you control your home from anywhere by speaking to it, your home also becomes part of your connected environment. Arghon saves you money too, by automatically turning off appliances and devices when not in use. Arghon AIE is built to serve you.

A New Class of Appliance

Leverage Arghon AIE to create advanced Phantom-Class appliances.

Build a whole new class of AI connected devices. Create superior Phantom-Class appliances by integrating Arghon AIE technology. You can charge premium prices for these appliances, while also giving customers access to recipes, cleaning tips, and a whole host of useful information. Incorporating Arghon Phantom Technology into appliances is simple and cost effective.

Powerful IoT Devices

Make your IoT devices part of the orchestrated world

Building a phone APP for IoT devices is not enough, you want to make your devices part of the user's Internet connected world. By embedding Arghon Rebel IoT API calls into your device, your users become part of the orchestrated Internet.

With our powerful AI engine behind your IoT devices, you can get back to the business of building the best devices on the market.