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Generative Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Arghon, the first stop in Artificial intelligence transforming of your business.

Arghon, an autonomous AI

The complete AI solution for business

Unlike Chat Bots that only do basic chats, Arghon is a fully autonomous AI (FAAI). Arghon has a complete ecosystem with hundreds of different capabilities including the ability to learn from its users, engage in conversations, make recommendations, etc.

Arghon can function autonomously as a stand along package or be embedded in business portals, mobile apps, electronic devices and business back-ends.

Deploy Artificial Intelligence in your Business

Arghon makes it affordable to use AI in your business!

Retailers and consumer facing businesses know that AI is a game change when it comes to acquiring and keeping customers. AI's power to interact one on one with consumers, answer their questions, make suggestions and recommendations, makes it necessary for businesses have their own AI.

We've simplified the roll out of Arghon to businesses by letting them reuse most of their existing sales and marketing rules and strategies. It not only saves them money but shortens the time to market.

The affordable way to own an AI

Arghon's White Label Licensing

It's no secret, building even the most basic AI is time consuming (years to make) and very expensive.

Arghon's White Label license (AWLL) give retailers and businesses that need their own AI, a fast and cost effective way to have their own.