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Will your business survive without
Artificial Intelligence?
Technology experts predict that A.I. will have as big an impact on businesses as the printing press was to media.

A.I. Disrupting the way business is done

  • In the past, the Yellow Pages and newspaper ads were one of the most effective tools to target potential customers.
  • Now Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. have made the Yellow Pages and newspapers redundant.
  • Unfortunately, most small business websites do not have heavy traffic, so they rarely show up in the top 200 search engine results.

A.I. Replacing search engines Google, Yahoo, ...

  • The transition from the yellow pages to search engines left many once-successful companies losing business and near-death.
  • The same will happen to companies that are not ready to transition to the new A.I. Commerce.
  • Like e-commerce, the number of people using A.I. to purchase goods and services is growing exponentially.
  • Without an A.I. business account, your business is invisible to A.I. users.

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