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Customer Service meets Artificial Intelligence
Can't afford a receptionist? Let Arghon save you a bundle by processing your customer service.

Customer Service: The Lifeblood of Businesses

The lifeblood of most businesses is good customer service, yet many small businesses simply cannot afford the cost of a fully functional customer service department.

For many small businesses, affording a part-time receptionist is simply not on the table, yet studies show that companies with a full or part-time receptionist generates more business.

Arghon AI: Handles your customer service

We created the Arghon AI for Businesses to handle customer service needs businesses.

Whether you are a sole proprietor of your business, or you have many employees, Arghon Business seamlessly manages your interactions with your customers.

A Partial List of Arghon Features

  • Simple-to-use and accessible on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Provides answers to queries about your locations, services and office hours of all your branches, 24 hours a day
  • Handles all your appointments, reservations and bookings
  • Handles cancellation and rescheduling (by you or the customer)
  • Gives you real-time updates when there are any changes to your calendar
  • Sends you contact information for every booking via text message, so you can personally reach out to the customer.
  • ...