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November 23, 2016
Arghon releases significant redesign with Arghon Version V
Bold interactive swipe screens, sleek redesigned interface, and all-new intuitive services
Arghon Version V's interface redesign featuring the new Arghon home screen (left). Arghon Version V's Quick Access wipe screen feature displays new Arghon services like ArghonPay (right).

FLEETWOOD, NEW YORK Arghon today introduces its new interface redesign and some powerful new services, featuring the all-new Quick Access swipe screen, the groundbreaking Arghon Transport ride order service, and a speedy new ArghonPay feature. These changes are designed to allow for more intuitive servicing of users' needs and to help Arghon users do more of what they want in life.

The new left-to-right Quick Access swipe screen presents users with a few of the vast services Arghon offers. The sophisticated Quick Access screen means users can now order taxi rides through Arghon's revolutionary new Arghon Transport service, see a 4-day weather forecast for anywhere in the world, track their flights, discover their closest Starbucks and gas stations, and see listings of movies playing locally, all with a single swipe of their thumb.

Arghon Version V Quick Access's Starbucks locator search results displayed in Arghon home screen Arghon displays transportation options on home screen, including new Arghon Transport taxi order service.

“We at Arghon are proud to be bringing this latest version of Arghon to the market. Version five of the artificial intelligence is designed for even greater user interaction and now offers a host of intuitive services beyond anything the public has seen from an A.I. before,” says Andrew Stout, Chief Technical Officer at Arghon. “The future of technology is users referring to their Arghon AI for the information they want and need. Innovations like our Quick Access screen and ground breaking new services like Arghon Transport are changing the technological landscape and helping users more than ever before.”

Version V of Arghon, brings the joy back to travel. With Arghon’s new Quick Access and swipe capabilities, Arghon has made it even easier for user to track and receive updates on their flights. This latest version of Arghon lets users discover nearby restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and business locations with simple finger movements. Arghon has integrated search with its turn-by-turn direction capabilities, letting users order taxis and limousine rides to the destinations Arghon helps them discover.

Arghon Version V's Arghon Transport ride order screen lets Arghon users order taxis from within the Arghon application.

Arghon now offers Arghon Pay, a convenient Quick Access feature for users to pay for services within Arghon while on the go. One swipe and entering a quick three digit code lets users pay for any service or product connected to, or partnered with, Arghon’s powerful Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem.

Arghon Version V's Arghon Transport rideorder feature lets users request wheelchair accessible transportation by ticking the wheelchair box when they order.

Arghon has made more of its services available to everyone. Arghon’s rideshare and ride scheduling, reservation, and ticket purchasing services are available to users in need of extra assistance. The Arghon Transport service includes handicap-accessible options, making it the only place to find fair and equal transportation access.

Arghon Version V Additional Features

  • Arghon Pay via Quick Access swipe screen
  • Flight Tracking via Quick Access swipe screen
  • New Notifications feature on bottom menu bar. Keeps track of friend’s Arghon answer shares and updates from users’ Arghon circle.
  • Arghon Messaging now with emoticons and floating ‘Write Message’ button
  • Arghon Pricing and Availability

    Arghon is free to download
    Arghon artificial intelligence is available now. This latest version of Arghon is free to download and use for Android and iOS users. To download your free account and begin using the most advanced personal artificial intelligence technology ever created, go to

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