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January 23, 2017
Arghon Artificial Intelligence Gets Personal
"Arghon’s personalization is arguably one of its best features.
Users interact with Arghon and receive more personalized service. User smiling, pictured above.

To get everyone familiar with Arghon’s many amazing features, we have decided to highlight one feature of our artificial intelligence each month. The feature for this month is Arghon Personalization: our AI’s unique ability to learn and change for each individual user. Our AI learns a user’s needs and adapts accordingly, proof of its superior standing in the AI market today.

Arghon’s ability to personalize to each user is arguably one of its best features.The more the AI gets familiar with a user’s preferences, the more uniquely tailored it becomes. Each Arghon is different from any other AI in existence. Arghon exists solely to work for each individual user.

Practical uses for this feature include Arghon’s ability to know fashion styles, size, and price preferences. This will make online shopping significantly easier as we partner with retailers and other major industries. Arghon can help users save money on bills by knowing what time they usually arrive home and adjusting the temperature of the house and other home settings accordingly. Arghon’s personalization will be seen with Arghon Home, to be introduced later in 2017.

There is a misconception about the purpose of AIs that learn. As Arghon connects with the user, their information is not collected and shared as suggested in a lot of sci-fi films. Artificial Intelligence is not scary or threatening; AI is exciting and full of opportunities to help our users. Personal information from individuals is not shared with other Arghon users. One user’s Arghon differs from the next, unique like their users.

Having a personal AI is like having a personal assistant available 24/7. Arghon makes having customized personal assistance available for everyone. The possibilities for what Arghon can do are virtually endless.

For this reason, we call Arghon a companion not a minion. This is the difference between Arghon and other AIs on the consumer market. Personalization is the future of AI, and Arghon is already there.

Arghon is free to download
Arghon artificial intelligence is available now. This latest version of Arghon is free to download and use for Android and iOS users. To download your free account and begin using the most advanced personal artificial intelligence technology ever created, go to

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