Product Review
January 10, 2017
Arghon Transport is a game changer.
Arghon's A.I.-based mobile ride-order service is the cutting-edge in transportation.
Arghon users order taxis and limousines in Arghon Transport via Arghon's quick access swipe screen.

Arghon is pleased to introduce its new luxury ride-order service, Arghon Transport, to the world. This ground-breaking taxi and limousine transportation service lets passengers connect to the world around them via our signature artificial intelligence app. Simply tell Arghon to order your taxi to your location and tell it your chosen destination via voice or written instruction

Arghon users with touch screen devices can hold their finger down over their mapped location in the map view on Arghon Transport’s ‘Order a Ride’ screen. This will automatically enter passengers’ pickup or drop off location in the selected field.

The seamless integration of Arghon Transport’s mobile ride-order service with the larger suite of Arghon experiences means users are never far from the services they want and the people they know. What separate Arghon Transport from typical mobile ride-order apps is Arghon’s huge ecosystem of other services users need in their day-to-day lives. On top of its ride ordering service, the artificial intelligence platform provides the same, and even better, services as hundreds of other apps in one convenient location. Arghon users chat instantly with service providers or with their circle of friends and contacts. The luxury of an A.I.—based ride-order service is the lack of having to manage multiple apps.

Users who download the latest version of Arghon can expect world-class service anywhere in the world. Built on the foundation of an artificial intelligence platform, Arghon Transport provides access to the most advanced suite of Ecosystem services and information, in the world. Users satisfaction with our service is Arghon’s number one priority.

Arghon maintains transparent communication between our company, taxi and limousine companies and Transport passengers around the world. Gone are the days when rideshare drivers could cancel or drop a potential passenger trip because of the passengers stated destination without recourse. Arghon’s high standards for service make it difficult for such failures in service and communication to occur. Additionally, Arghon Transport makes it easy for users to contact taxi drivers and Arghon’s support staff. Quality service and support is only one message away.

Download Arghon and begin using the world-class A. I. taxi and limousine service today!

Arghon Pricing and Availability

Arghon is free to download
Arghon artificial intelligence is available now. This latest version of Arghon is free to download and use for Android and iOS users. To download your free account and begin using the most advanced personal artificial intelligence technology ever created, go to

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