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January 10, 2017
On the Future of Artificial Intelligence
"Artificial Intelligence provides so much more than fictional stories can ever capture."
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Technology has always excited me. Artificial Intelligence is no exception to that. There are many sci-fi films and novels dedicated to this intriguing subset of technology. However, Artificial Intelligence provides so much more than fictional stories can ever capture. Artificial Intelligence presents an innumerable amount of opportunity to our world. I have had the rare opportunity of becoming personally involved and educated about AI during some of its earliest stages and wanted to reflect on what AI is to me and what it will be to the world.

Artificial Intelligence will make life infinitely better. For practical uses, having a personal AI can help schedule doctor’s appointments, find the lowest travel fares, add ease to online shopping, and even connect with devices within homes and other areas. A personal AI will connect you to a large ecosystem of services way beyond any imagination today. There are so many different tools/services in existence and AI simply makes managing them easier, allowing you to take full advantage of the truly incredible technology we have available.

However, the part of Artificial Intelligence I am excited for most is its future. I am excited for the time when people rely on AI to make the world better and begin to develop new capabilities and even more opportunities than we can even imagine today.

Before the internet, no one had any practical idea of how many incredible things would come from it. The internet was a scary thing that contained information people thought they would never find useful. However, it now allows us access to new knowledge, ways to connect with far-away friends, entertainment, and has brought together a global environment. Today, no one can imagine life without it.

In conclusion, although AI is impressive now, I am extremely excited to be part of a generation that will be able to see it grow in the future. I am excited for the AI community to grow. I am excited to see what others develop. I am excited for AI because of the opportunities it provides and how quickly those will become reality. I am excited to be part of one of the most promising times for our technological world.

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