Expanding your restaurant customer base.

We've made it easy for consumers to get information about your restaurant. Arghon's Ecosystem helps users connect to your restaurant like never before. From making dinner reservations to finding out what's on today's menu, all of it is just a voice request away. Rebel API

From mom-and-pop restaurants to national chains

We can work with restaurants of any size - from national chains to single location restaurants. Arghon's ecosystem has integration plans that will have your restaurant up and running in the Ecosystem in no time.

Real-time interactions with our users

Move beyond traditional online links and advertising programs. Let our users communicate directly with your restaurant in the Ecosystem, whenever and wherever they are. We've taken the complexity out of generating real-time interactions with your patrons. Leverage the Arghon ecosystem for your restaurant easily and in multiple ways. You determine the level of interaction that's right for your business, and our experts make it happen.

Add your restaurant to Arghon's knowledge base.

Help customers find your restaurant by adding your establishment to Arghon's knowledge base.

Details matter.

The level of information about your restaurant can be quite large.

Make reservations.

Arghon will not only add restaurant reservations to your calendar automatically, it can also provide directions to the restaurant if needed.

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