Connecting users to service providers.

Service providers are businesses such as doctors, dentist, plumbers, lawn care businesses, in short, any business that provides services directly to consumers. The Arghon ecosystem allows our users to interact directly with service providers. From setting up appointments and service calls; to cancelling or rescheduling them, it's easy with Arghon. Rebel API

service  providers

Set up appointments & service calls

Setting up an appointment to see the doctor or dentist or rescheduling one, the user simply asks Arghon to do it. Arghon takes care of the request and updates the user's calendar. Yes it's that simple.

Update users when there is a schedule change.

Service providers that need to reschedule an appointment or service call can do so by sending a change request to the Arghon ecosystem. Arghon will take care of sorting out the schedule with the user. Powerful yet easy.

Setup appointments & service calls.

Setting up appointments and service calls with providers has never been easier.

Edit your service appointments

Making changes to service appointments has never been easier.

Calendar & direction.

Arghon will not only add the reservation to your calendar automatically, it can give you directions to the restaurant if you need it.

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