Stay in sync with goof-proof Messaging.

Arghon messaging puts users back in control of who sees their content. Send and recall messages to your contacts with the click of a button.


Send photos and messages to your contact.

Arghon users can easily receive photos and messages from interactive contacts.

The Power of message recall.

Accidentally sent the wrong message? No worries. Arghon's recall feature is unrivalled. Recall and delete your unwanted messages to contacts even after they've been sent. Living with message mistakes is now a thing of the past.

recall message

Share Arghon Answers.

Got an answer from Arghon you want to share with friends? Click the share button below Arghon's responses to send Arghon's answers to your contacts.
Click the "share-received" button at the top of your mobile screen to read shared answers.

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