The Evolution of Time Management.

Arghon's robust calendar and schedule management feature is the elegant solution for those hectic days.

Your appointments & reminders in Arghon.

Arghon helps you book appointments at any time by connecting directly to the calendars of your service providers and interactive contacts. Talk to Arghon in plain English to add appointments and set up reminders through text or email. Heck, you can even move a whole day's schedule with one sentence.

Powerful location based reminders.
Maximum convenience. Maximum flexibility.

We've redefined the electronic calendar. Push your entire week's schedule back to next week? Arghon has it covered. Set up an appointment for every third Thursday of the month? Arghon can do it. Arghon features a new class of calendar and schedule manager that makes moving and rescheduling appointments simple and easy.
Let Arghon provide you with location-based reminders. Arghon can notify you prior to your appointments. No more running late for meetings.

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