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Rebel IoT Example
Internet of Things API
Appointment & Reservation API

CLICK HERE for IoT Examples and Documentation


Connecting Arghon to thousands of devices.

IoT Device owners are not Tech Geeks or researchers, so make it easy for them by putting your devices on as many A.I. Platforms as possible.

The Rebel API lets you quickly add your IoT enabled devices to the list of devices that users can manage through Arghon.


Audio/Video Devices

Quickly define how Arghon controls your Audio/Video devices

Control Power, Volume, Color, Brightness, Contrast, Channels, Video Sources, Audio Sources, Speakers, Etc.

A New Class of Appliance

Arghon makes your appliances more powerful and easier to use.

Controlling an appliance such as a stove is more than turning on or off a burner or the oven, it's integrating these IOT functions with a user making a recipe.

You create the appliance, Arghon provides the recipe, the ingredients list, and assists the user with step by step cooking instructions. Arghon knows how long it takes to bake or cook an item as well as what temperature to use. Let's get started

Thermostats, Lights, Switches, Doors, ...

Easily make your device(s) part of the user's connected world

Building a phone APP for IoT devices is not enough, you need to make your devices available on as many A.I platforms as possible to as many potential customers.

Unlike some so-called Assistants, Arghon does not just turn on or off lights or play songs, Arghon's intelligence knows when the home is empty and can automatically set the thermostat to a temperature that saves on heating or cooling bills.

With RebeL API your IoT devices quickly become an essential part of the users connected world.
Let's get started

Whole Home Automation

Your device plays a key role in Arghon's Home Automation

Make your devices including thermostats, switches, door locks, appliances, audio visual equipment, etc., a key part of Arghon's powerful Whole Home Automation (WHA) system.

Simply register your devices using the RebeL API and they automatically becomes part of Arghon's WHA.

That's all you need to do. You can spend your extra time creating cool new products for your customers.

Arghon's Vehicle Automation

Arghon manage hundreds of vehicle data in real-time

Arghon integrates IoT equipt vehicles into the users connected world. From tracking when the vehicle needs servicing, its fuel level or its current location, Arghon seamlessly weave the management of the vehicle into the day to day life of the vehicle owners.

Some of the many features managed

Fuel LevelOil LevelOil Temperature
Oil PressureCoolant TemperatureCoolant Level
Ignition ON/OFFBattery VoltageTemperature Sensor
Headlight ON/OFFCabin Light ON/OFFFloodlight ON/OFF
Vehicle LocationDoor LockWindow Open/Close
Service Date LocationTire PressureCabin Temperature
Many more.....

Click Here to see how easy it is to put the of Arghon into your vehicles.

Full Vehicle Integration

Embedding Arghon into your navigation system.

Integrating Arghon into your vehicle's navigation brings the ultimate in user experience. Arghon brings the complete user's connected world into the vehicle. From directions to appointments, restaurant locations, they're just a question away.

Voice commands/chat instantly brings any information the user needs to the navigation console.
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