Powerful yet easy-to-use driver app

Building a driver app costs thousands of dollars.

The Arghon Transport Driver App provides your company with a cutting-edge and affordable solution. Designed to work with the dispatcher software, the Arghon Transport driver app takes less than a minute to set up. Its real-time GPS navigation means your drivers get to their passengers faster and passengers know exactly when their ride will arrive.

Driver App Specifications

  • Runs on Android devices
  • Consumes less than half a Megabyte of data per day (less data than it takes to download one song)
  • Status buttons allow driver to indicate to dispatcher if offline/online/online break/available/in transit
  • Daily total trips
  • Daily total fares
  • Daily total tips
  • Total fuel costs
  • Passengers' Driver rating
  • Passengers' Vehicle quality rating
  • GPS Navigation to destination and pickup address
  • Call dispatcher