Arghon Inc. releases new taxi technology that combats ride-sharing apps

We all know the last few years have been very challenging to taxi and limousine industry. They have seen the meteoritic rise of ride-sharing juggernauts like Uber and Lyft, each with multi-billion dollar valuations. This rise has come at the expense of taxi and limousine companies worldwide. No taxi company is immune, regardless of its size. We will examine the roots of this massive challenge to the taxi and limousine industry and how Arghon Transport provides the solution.

Most taxi companies do not use ride dispatch software

There are over one million taxi and limousine companies around the world. The overwhelming majority of them have fewer than five cars, and most do not use Taxi Dispatch Software of any kind. For some it's not affordable, others simply don't see the need for such software. Without software, these companies have no way to compete with Uber and other ride-sharing apps. At Arghon we solved this by making Arghon Transport Software affordable and easy to use, even for taxi companies with as few as one vehicle.

Taxi's now have their own "One app everywhere" advantage

A typical mid-sized city has many taxi companies. Large cities such as Atlanta, New York, London, and Miami, have well over 100 local taxi companies each. If only a few of the companies have their own taxi app, a passenger would need to download all of these apps to guarantee themselves a ride in the event that any one particular taxi company is fully booked. Downloading this many taxi app is simply a none starter. To make matters worse, where and when local taxis can pick up passengers varies by city. Ride-Share companies use the same one app in every city they operate in.

The Arghon passenger app allows passengers to order rides from local taxis in any city in any country and on any continent at any time. The Arghon app has many other cool features that passengers enjoy, including seeing local movie schedules, finding restaurants, and more. Taxis now have a superior "One app everywhere" advantage over ride-share.

The Millennial effect on Taxi and Ride-Sharing companies

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, (People under the age 35) are the largest human demographic. Their embrace of smartphone technology to access information and services from anywhere at any time, created the opportunity for the rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, etc.

This perfect storm of technology, and the technology needs of millennials come at the expense of taxi and limousine industry worldwide. Arghon Transport has eliminated the ride-sharing apps advantage by giving taxi and limousine companies powerful new technology that far surpasses those of Uber and other ride-sharing companies; It is does so at an affordable price.