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Vision 20/20's Mission

The Arghon Company created Vision 20/20 Initiative to give back to the community.

Vision 20/20 helps thousands learn computer programming through its donation of software, cloud services, and many hours of employee time.

Help us do More! +
  1. Donate to the Vision 20/20 Gofundme fund. It helps us:

    1. Pay the monthly expenses to keep the services going.
    2. Pay travel and other expenses to get the word out to local communities.
  2. Use your social media platforms to tell others about Vision 20/20. No collage degree required and its FREE.
  3. To volunteer as tech mentors, programmers, etc. Email at:
Schools, Non-Profit Institutions & Governments +
Vision 20/20 partners with Non-Profits, Schools and Governments. Learn More   Sign up
  1. After signing up your school or organization you'll receive an organization code (ORGCODE).

    1. Give your ORGCODE to your members who want to participate in Vision 20/20.
    2. Use the ORGCODE to track the progress of participants from your organization.

  2. Have questions or want to help? please contact us by email at:
Frequently Asked Questions +

Computer Programming is about problem solving. A programmer is using the features of a computer language to instruct a computer on how to manipulate the information and carry out certain instructions.

Am I too young/old to become a programmer?

Programming has no age limit. A very young person below the age of 10 can learn to write very sophisticated computer programs. Many people over the age of 60 have taken up computer programming as a second career.

Do I need a college degree to become a programmer?

No. You do not need a college degree to be a programmer.
Computer programming is a skill that businesses pay you to exercise. Many famous people such as Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook have dropped out of college and used their programming skills to create large technology companies.

We recommend you get a college degree if you want to move beyond programming in your career. This will matter most when you see co-workers being promoted because they have a college degree.

How long does it take to learn programming?

We believe it should take you about 4 to 6 months to learn a programming language if you spend 2 or more hours per day practicing. Programming is a problem solving skill. It is very important that you have tasks that provide the correct amount of real-world challenge that force you to delve deeply into the language to complete the tasks.

How many programming languages are there?

There are no exact numbers but the consensus is there are over 700 and counting.

Can I write code using Cell Phones or Tablets?

Yes. However, we recommend you use a PC or laptop to write programs as the screen size will pose some degree of difficulty.

What programming language does Vision 20/20 teach?

At Vision 20/20 we use an object oriented programming language called CollieScript.
CollieScript uses similar coding syntax as C#, Java, C++ and JavaScript languages.

After learning CollieScript, it is relatively easy to learn C#, Java, C++ and JavaScript.
Many experienced programmers usually know more than 1 programming language.

How do I get a job once I have learned how to code?

As an organization that has conducted many interviews with programmers, these are our recommendation. You'll need to create your resume or CV tailored for a job in technology. We recommend you do some research on how to write an effective resume or CV.

Regardless of the job, large numbers of job interviews come because of networking. Someone in your network knows about the job opening and passes your resume along to the personnel department. Submit your resume to reputable job posting sites so as to increase your visibility to recruiters. such as,,

On many job interviews, companies may ask you to write a simple program to solve a simple problem. We recommend you create a LinkedIn profile enumerating your current programming skills.

Can you recommend any programming how to books?
We have 3 recommendations for you:
  1. Beginning Programming for Dummies: Gives you some helpful background to learn programming.
  2. Computer Programming for Complete Beginners: A Quick Course for Mastering the Basics of Coding through
  3. The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide by John Sonmez : After you learn programming.
What certificate will I receive at the completion of the course?

When you complete the Vision 20/20 Computer course, you will be issued a certificate of completion. In addition to the Completion Certificate, you will have gained the skill to write sophisticated computer programs. You then include the description of the tasks completed in the Vision 20/20 course on your resume. The task completion is used by recruiters to determine if you have the problem solving programing experience they are looking for.

Are there any other Programming Certifications?

Most programmers learn programming as part of an associates or bachelor's degree program. We do not believe paid certification test are worth the cost. Based on your experience, a well written resume that describes the projects you've worked on will do more for you than a certificate.

Remember, a programmer is being hired to accomplish certain tasks, so let the prospective employer know you are up to the job on the resume.

What computer equipment do I need to complete the course?

You do not need a new or expensive laptop, PC or Mac. A used, under 3 year old laptop, PC, Mac or ChromeBook computer should be more than adequate. You'll need the latest FireFox, Chrome or Safari browser to access the programming environment.

Why do Vision 20/20 participants need an Arghon Account?
  1. You need an Arghon account to access the Vision 20/20 programming environment.
  2. You will learn to program by using code to manipulate your personal Arghon super companion
  3. Your Arghon account will track all the programs you write.
Why do I need friends/family with an Arghon accounts?
In business, a programmer is part of a team consisting of Programmers, Business Analysts (they determine what to code) and Quality Assurance (They test your code to see that it works correctly).

Your Arghon Friends or family members play those roles.
  1. You will share your code with them.
  2. They run and test your code and give you feedback until completion.
  3. This allows you to gain valuable experience working as part of a team.
Your team members also serve to cheer you on and encourage you to complete your programs.
Can I share my Arghon Account?
It is a violation of the Arghon terms and conditions to share your account or login credentials with anyone.
Being a Personal Super Companion, sharing your Arghon account would defeat the purpose of having a personal assistant.

  1. You are prohibited from sharing your account login credentials with anyone.
  2. Arghon answers have age ratings. Sharing your account would compromise this protection.
Privacy in Arghon?
Unlike most social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., Arghon, being a personal super companion, has much stricter privacy settings.
See Arghon's privacy policy and terms of service for how they operate. At Arghon:
  1. Arghon does not promote direct advertisements on its platform
  2. We do not sell your personal information
  3. Arghon answers have age ratings