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February 20, 2017
Defining AI, Part 1: Personalized Interaction and Superior Service
"True A.I.’s capabilities expand well beyond simple command-and-response."
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Artificial Intelligence has come to mean many things to different people. Some view A.I. as a command-and-response technology that offers one-dimensional, pre-programmed, responses. This command-driven interpretation of artificial intelligence falls short of describing truly dynamic artificial intelligences like Arghon. As a high-performance A.I., Arghon seeks to provide practical services and useful information quickly, based on its deep understanding and personalized interactions with our users.

Having truly useful artificial intelligence lets users avoid downloading tons of apps while still getting customized service, information, and companionship via their A.I.s. Dynamic artificial Intelligence is designed to help users access services they need with the utmost convenience. Personalized A.I. lets users cut down on their search time by combining features found in many apps (think mobile ride ordering, travel, appointment managing apps, restaurant apps, messengers, and more) into a single point of access, like a tablet or refrigerator. Skipping the long internet search, consumers get the information they want in the form of a natural conversation with their companion A.I.

True A.I.’s capabilities expand well beyond simple command-and-response. Advanced Artificial Intelligence’s ability to learn and understand the world around it means A.I.s like Arghon can provide life enhancing services and practical solutions to users twenty-four/seven. Arghon can do far more than calendaring and ordering vehicle transportation. Arghon’s uniquely tailored learning lets it to include real-time location-based responses to user questions, while also account for current market offerings. As Arghon grows and partners with department stores and hospitals, our users gain access to ever more dynamic services and information.

With the most powerful artificial intelligence engine on the planet, the Arghon team endeavors to build a bright future for personalized service.

Arghon is free to download
Arghon artificial intelligence is available now. This latest version of Arghon is free to download and use for Android and iOS users. To download your free account and begin using the most advanced personal artificial intelligence technology ever created, go to

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